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January 18, 2017

The regular meeting of the Chesapeake Airport Authority was held on Wednesday,
January 18, 2017at 7:00 p.m., at the Chesapeake Regional Airport, Chesapeake, Virginia. 

MEMBERS PRESENT   Don Britt, Wynn Dixon, Earl Hollowell, Burke Craver, Vince Gordon, Meredith Kennedy, and CT Cowling
MEMBERS ABSENT   Richard Cheliras
AIRPORT MANAGER   Chris Schrantz
LEGAL COUNCIL   Anita Poston, Vandeventer Black, LLP
AIRPORT ENGINEERS   Steve Peterson, Talbert & Bright
Jeff Tarkington, Talbert & Bright

Mr. CT Cowling called the meeting to order January 18, 2017.

A motion was made and passed unanimously to accept the minutes from the meeting of December 2016.

Mr. Britt reported that he inspected the financial statements before the meeting and found them in order. A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the financial reports for December 2016.


Mr. Schrantz reviewed the invoices for the month: City of Chesapeake $4,350.99 (Road Repair); and US Bank $1,100.00 (Annual Trustee Fee).

Operating Invoices over $1,000 covered by the annual check signing resolution or previously approved and paid in 2016 included: AI Right $1,100.00 (Mold Remediation); Overhead Door $1,022.50 (Hangar Doors); City of Chesapeake $13,500.00 (Note Payment), $33,284.04 (Stormwater Fees); Branscome $301,086.34 (Pay Request); Talbert & Bright $47,053.72 (CF6-20 Inv. 11), $1,149.10 (CS6-46 Deal), $2,298.20 (CS6-46 Deal), $45,949.62 (CF6-20 Inv. 12); Progressive $1,414.00 (Insurance).

A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve payment of the invoices as presented.


Mr. Craver, Budget Committee, and Ms. Kennedy, discussed the proposed operating/capital budget for FY 2018. Mr. Craver cautioned that this budget is what we will send to the city for their approval, however, the city may make some changes to their contribution and we will adjust the budget, accordingly. The budget also includes a 5% raise for the full-time employees (Chris Schrantz, Mary Cover and Dan Bigley). A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve FY 18 operating and capital budgets.

Marketing Committee
Ms. Kennedy discussed the marketing materials (magnets calendar) that were ordered to distribute to the customers.

TALBERT & BRIGHT REPORT Submitted by Steve Peterson
North Terminal Area
Mr. Peterson stated that the contractor has completed the main part of the work on this project. When the weather clears up they will finish up their punch list. After that the state and FAA will be out to inspect and then we should be able to close out the project.

Off Airport Acquisition Project
Mr. Peterson has completed the survey work and are working on the plats for 11 parcels and then will start the appraisal process.

Mr. Schrantz reported on the following:

Snow and ice event closed the airport on Friday from 10 pm until the following Wednesday at 2pm. Airport was subject to an ice line that prevented the runway from being plowed right away.

Reports of trespassing and street racing on Airport Road. Mr. Schrantz stated that he will ask the Chesapeake Police to come out more often.

The pump house modification is beginning. Virginia Sprinkler is hopeful that it will be completed by the second week of February. This is to modify the cooling system for the fire suppression pump.

Legislative day is coming up on February 2, 2017. The governor will be speaking at the event. Mr. Cowling and Mr. Schrantz will be attending the event.

Chairman’s Comments
Mr. Cowling thanked everyone that attended the retreat from last week.

Mr. Cowling discussed the ice event and mentioned putting a snow removal team together to help in the next event to get the runways cleared sooner.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


                                                                                    CT Cowling

The minutes are summary in nature and are not intended to be an exact transcript of the proceedings. The Authority maintains an audiotape of the meeting.